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La Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes de Montréal (CLAC2010): En route vers Toronto !!
La crise, c'est le capitalisme!

To all news editors; to all independent and alternative media
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The Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal (CLAC 2010): To Toronto!
Capitalism is the crisis!

June 21 2010 – Less than a week from the G8 and G20 meetings, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal (CLAC 2010) is escalating its mobilizing efforts to bring as many people as possible to Toronto to directly confront the policies of the G8 and G20 on June 25, 26, and 27. Groups and individuals under the banner of CLAC 2010 have organized a campaign of popular education and outreach to condemn the savage and destructive capitalist politics of the planet’s most powerful political and economic leaders who are meeting to decide the fate of the global population.

These private and ferociously protected summits only serve to perpetuate an authoritarian and criminal system of exploitation, permitting a small fraction to continue to enrich itself using wars, environmental destruction, land expropriation, the exploitation of women, cultural genocides, the indebtment and impoverishment of entire communities, political repression and border control to achieve their goals. As explained by Danie Royer, spokesperson for CLAC 2010: “This meeting will finalize one the biggest diversions of funds ever seen: the transfer of hundreds of billions of public money towards the leaders of the previous recession: banks, private investment funds, transnational companies, speculators of all stripes, etc.” Their next step will no doubt be against public deficits and the “cleansing” of government finances!

This illegitimate elite accepts no criticism or questioning of its privileges and will go as far as demanding a budget of billions and tens of thousands of puppets armed to the teeth to celebrate its domination. In the words of Mathieu Francoeur, also spokesperson of CLAC 2010: “ With the tools given to the forces of repression and the fear campaigns spearheaded by the compliant mainstream media, there is a desire to associate any expression of dissent and all form of resistance as either empty vandalism or terrorism.” The reasons for revolt are numerous and it is legitimate to disrupt this sad mascarade. Only one statistic is necessary: 2% of humanity possesses 50% of the planet’s wealth while 50% of the global population only holds 1%.

The Conservative government is using this meeting to promote its reactionary ideology by having the nerve to hold this summit in the downtown area of the biggest city in the country and by erecting a multi-million dollar wall! This offense can only provoke a combative response. In solidarity with the peoples of the world that do not have the “occasion” to directly confront those who control their lives, we will be in the streets of Toronto.

CLAC 2010’s media committee is available to explain the issues touching our diverse communities and to make links between our local struggles and the destructive programs of the G8 and G20. Journalists will be able to keep in contact with the CLAC 2010’s media committee by e-mail or telephone.


Telephone: 438-838-8498
[We can respond to interview requests in French, English and Spanish.]

To all news editors; to all independent and alternative media
For Immediate Release

The Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal (CLAC 2010):
Organizing in our communities and neighborhoods, mobilizing against the G8/G20 in Toronto
Capitalism is the crisis!

June 14, 2010 -- The Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal (CLAC 2010) is a network of community organizations and individuals who have come together to reinforce day-to-day anti-capitalist social justice struggles in our community, and to mobilize against the upcoming G8/G20 meetings in Toronto.

Together, CLAC 2010 members and allies represent diverse local struggles that mutually support each other. We are of allies indigenous sovereignty and migrant justice struggles; we are queers, feminists, youth, students, workers,environmentalists, immigrants, anti-racists and anti-sexists; we organize against police brutality, poverty, cutbacks, privatization and precarity, and for housing rights and environmental justice. We are active in international solidarity, from Colombia to Palestine to Mexico and beyond, and against all borders. We are united in our opposition to a fundamentally unjust capitalist economic system.

In recent months, CLAC 2010, in collaboration with allies like the Regroupement anti-G20 étudiant (RAGE), la Coalition des féministes radicales contre le G20, the queer group Politi-Q and others, has focused our attention on popular education work. We have published an anti-capitalist reader called “Coup de Semonce”, organized over a dozen workshops locally, and hosted a two-day Anti-Capitalist Teach-In. We mobilize against the G8/G20 linked to our day-to-day organizing locally for justice and dignity.

Now, with the G8/G20 meetings slated to begin in two weeks, we are focusing our attention on mobilizing to oppose and confront the G8/G20 in Toronto between June 25-27.

We will be organizing buses and cars to transport demonstrators to Toronto. We are also supporting all efforts by Toronto and Southern Ontario groups to disrupt the Summit, despite the billion-dollar security measures meant to intimidate protesters.

CLAC 2010 Media will be active is addressing the issues that impact our communities, and making the links between our local struggles and the destructive agendas of the G8 and G20. Mediarepresentatives can stay in touch with CLAC 2010 Media by e-mail or phone and get in touch to speak with a media representative . We especially encourage alternative and independent media outlets to make contact, so we can share our anti-capitalist, popular education, direct action perspective against the G8/G20, as well as background about our local struggles and organizing.

telephone: 438-838-8498
[We can respond to interview requests in French, English and Spanish.]

Aux directeurs/directrices de l'information; aux médias indépendants et alternatifs
Pour diffusion immédiate

La Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes de Montréal (CLAC2010):
Organisé-e-s dans nos communautés; mobilisé-e-s contre le G8/G20 à Toronto
La crise, c'est le capitalisme!

Le 14 juin 2010 -- La Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes de Montréal (CLAC2010) est un réseau de groupes et d’individus qui se sont réunis pour consolider leurs luttes respectives à l'échelle locale et mobiliser leurs communautés en vue des prochains sommets du G8 et du G20 en Ontario.

Ensemble, les membres et allié-e-s de la CLAC 2010 représentent un arc-en-ciel de luttes locales mutuellement solidaires. Nous travaillons en solidarité avec les peuples autochtones, les (im)migrant-e-s et réfugié-e-s; nous sommes queers, féministes, écologistes, travailleurs et travailleuses, étudiantes et étudiantes, antiracistes et antisexistes ; nous luttons contre la brutalité policière, contre la pauvreté et en faveur des droits sociaux; nous sommes engagé-e-s en solidarité internationale (de la Colombie à la Palestine, en passant par le Mexique, et au-delà de toutes les frontières); nous luttons chez-nous contre les « programmes d'austérité », la tarification, les compressions budgétaires et la précarité. Nous avons en commun de rejeter sans appel les dictats du système capitaliste.

Au cours des derniers mois, la CLAC 2010, en partenariat avec ses allié-e-s du Regroupement anti-G20 étudiant (RAGE), de la Coalition des féministes radicales contre le G20, du groupes queer radical Politi-Q et d'autres collectifs sympathiques, a multiplié les efforts d'éducation populaire. Nous avons publié un journal (Coup de semonce), animé plus d'une douzaine d'ateliers dans nos communautés et organisé un séminaire anticapitaliste les 5 et 6 juin dernier. Notre mobilisation contre le G8 et le G20 est indissociable du travail que nous réalisons au quotidien en faveur de la justice et de la dignité.

À deux semaines des rencontres du G8 et du G20, nous portons nos efforts sur la mobilisation vers Toronto afin de confronter directement les politiques du G8 et du G20, les 25, 26 et 27 juin prochain.

Nous organiserons le transport collectif des manifestant-e-s de Montréal vers Toronto. Nous soutenons les efforts déployés par nos camarades de Toronto et du sud de l'Ontario pour perturber le sommet, et ce, malgré le dispositif de sécurité d'un milliard de dollars mis en place pour intimider les protestataires.

Le comité Média de la CLAC2010 sera disponible pour présenter les enjeux qui touchent nos diverses communautés et faire les liens entre nos luttes locales et les programmes destructeurs du G8 et du G20. Les journalistes pourront rester en contact avec le comité Média de la CLAC2010 par courriel ou par téléphone. Nous encourageons tout particulièrement les représentant-e-s des médias indépendants à communiquer avec nous, de sorte que nous puissions partager notre perspective et expliquer le contexte de nos luttes et efforts d'organisation locaux.

Téléphone : 438-838-8498
Site internet:
[Nous pouvons répondre aux demandes d'entrevue en français, anglais et espagnol.]


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