Protest-action against the International Economic Forum of the Americas (AKA Montreal Conference)

June 10th 2014, 8AM sharp!
Canada Place, in front of the cathedral
(corner of Metcalfe/René-Lévesque))

While we sleep, while we work, while we suffer and we die, others resolve to darken our future in the name of an inhumane logic. For a long time, they have been locked away plotting, molding the world to suit their own favor. For too long, we've suffered from their capitalist machinations, established in the comfort of their padded lounges.

The contemporary face of these bold-faced plotters is that of the international treaty dealers, the eaters of the poor, the ministers and deputy ministers, governors and tyrants, CEOs of oil and mining companies, press barons – all those claiming to be "the world's most influential leaders", who, for the
sake of profit, meet regularly everywhere on this planet which they believe belongs to them.

This summer they'll converge again in Montreal, sparkling in their expensive suits, stinking of the wealth they took from us. They will meet in the lavish Queen Elizabeth Hotel to discuss business
and governance and the creation of (their own) wealth, as if it were to mean something. While everywhere around the globe, States are developing austerity regimes and impoverishing their populations, the theme for this year will be "The Foundation For The Next Era of Growth". They'll utter "sustainable development" while they're only after destruction. They'll talk about "valuing natural resources" while they are actually talking about expropriation, exploitation and humiliation...

With their inextinguishable thirst for profit, their discourse on growth at all cost and their short-term vision, they drive humanity right into a wall: the wall of ecological disaster. Shale gas, tar sands, resource extraction, river diversion, mass deforestation, forced displacement of populations. A logic of death whose sole goal is to see their stock rise on the stock exchange.

The theme for June 10th is: Energy, renewable resources and sustainable development. With the invited speakers, we find Russell K. Girling, president and CEO of TransCanada, which builds the pipelines Keystone XL (from Alberta to Nebraska) and Energy East (from Alberta to Newfoundland). Oil companies like TransCanada claim that their pipeline projects are secure. However, leaks and spills are increasingly frequent and keep polluting our earth and water. And this is without consideration to the environmental damage and greenhouse gases causes by the oil sands industry. We do not want oil, we do not want pipelines. Stop Energy East and Keystone XL!

This forum has existed for 20 years. Exactly 20 years too long. Year after year, they invade our city to rob us of our own lives, joining forces to better deny us our rights. This year, they are proud to celebrate their 20 years of deceit.

We are inviting ourselves to their celebration, to let them know we refuse their business as usual.

We will be there Tuesday June 10th, beginning at 8 AM, for an action to disrupt the day on Energy and Natural Resources.

Come one, come all, and let's show them their circus has gone on long enough!

*** Because their world doesn't forgive, we'll have to be harsher. ***

This demonstration is endorsed by:

  • Assemblée populaire de quartier de Villeray (APAQ-Villeray)
  • Centre des travailleurs et travailleuses immigrants (CTI)
  • Comité d’action solidaire contre l’austérité (CASA)
  • Comité chômage de l'Est de Montréal
  • Collectif opposé à la brutalité policière (COBP)
  • Mouvement action chômage (MAC)
  • Organisation populaire des droits sociaux (OPDS-RM)
  • POPIR-Comité Logement
  • Projet accompagnement solidarité Colombie (PASC)
  • Syndicat industriel des travailleuses et travailleurs (SITT/IWW-Montréal)
  • Solidarité sans frontières (SSF)
  • Les Sorcières

Mobilization material (in french only):


Le verger au complet!

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Alors que les discours libéraux présentent les violences policières comme l'affaire de quelques pommes pourries dans le panier nous proposons plutôt une analyse critique de la police et des institutions punitives: on ne réforme pas un système pourri, on l’abolit! Attaquons-nous au verger au complet!

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