No One Is Illegal Radio (CKUT 90.3fm) reports about the frontline struggles for justice, dignity and self-determination by migrants, refugees and indigenous peoples.

The June 2010 edition of No One Is Illegal Radio features perspectives from Makoma Lekalakala (Johannesburg) & Njoki Njehu (Nairobi) about the G8/G20 and self-determination by Africans, in the lead-up to the upcoming protests in Toronto later this month.

Makoma and Njoki address: celebrity activism, African social movements, debt relief versus reparations, climate change in Africa, the role of South Africa in the G20, and the G8-promoted New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD).

Both Makoma and Njoki offer a special message for protesters who will take the streets of Toronto against the G8/G20 later this month.

LISTEN to the June 2010 show here:

May 21, 2010
Occupied Coast Salish Territory
[Vancouver, Canada]

The May 18, 2010, arson attack on the Royal Bank of Canada in Ottawa was clearly an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist action. It has had a strong impact across the country and invoked the wrath of the state. As both sabotage and propaganda, the attack was highly successful: the bank was almost totally destroyed while the RBC's funding of the genocidal Tar Sands was once again highlighted.


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Le verger au complet!

La Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC) produit une série de podcasts sous forme d'entrevues nommée Le Verger au complet qui vise la diffusion d’informations relatives à l’abolition de la police et des prisons et à la justice, en abordant des thématiques telles que l'emprisonnement des migrant.e.s, la criminalisation de la dissidence et la justice transformatrice.

Alors que les discours libéraux présentent les violences policières comme l'affaire de quelques pommes pourries dans le panier nous proposons plutôt une analyse critique de la police et des institutions punitives: on ne réforme pas un système pourri, on l’abolit! Attaquons-nous au verger au complet!

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